Anastasia is the first female character announced for the Quest till the End series. She is voiced by Lani Minella.


Anastasia is a slender, yet feminine woman with pale-purple short, emo hair, purple eyes. Her main outfit is a purple dominatrix bondage costume with a gold shoulderpad on her left shoulder, thigh-high boots, fishnet stockings and gloves.


As a professional assassin, Anastasia is cold, taciturn, objective and callous towards others. She is shown talking harshly to others, making fun of them, and taking enjoyment from the suffering of someone else.

Possibly as a result of her profession, she regards other people to be disposable and meaningless. She takes her job seriously, with a calm, quiet demeanor, and is completely ruthless when engaged in a mission, employing any means at her disposal to attain her mission objectives; including using her looks, charm, and sex appeal to lure in her victims. Her weapons of choice, along with her Koppo jutsu moves, have been the type that bring a painful, slow death to her targets, such as a needle to the spinal cord, and a razor-thin wire to slit someone's neck, hinting towards her inhumane, merciless nature.

She has demonstrated, at times, to enjoy her job with sociopathic glee, not because of the financial rewards, but for the killings themselves. It's possible she feels a sense of empowerment from her assassinations.

Fighting StyleEdit

Koppojutsu (骨法術) is a Japanese fighting system included in the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu organization. The term Koppo is commonly expressed as "bone-breaking". However, the representative kanji mean "bone" (骨) and "method/ law/ rule" (法), respectively: therefore, another possible interpretation is "bone-method".


Koppojutsu teaches its students how to attack directly to the core of a threat. On the simplest, and purely physical level, this means attacking an enemy's skeletal system (the core frame of his body). When the bone structure of the opponent is compromised, he loses the ability to use his body properly, and the ability to breathe and think properly due to the high degree of pain caused by each attack. But most importantly, he has lost completely the will to fight.

To accomplish these strikes, precise weak points are targeted, sometimes with the thumbs or fingers; therefore, the strikes themselves do not damage the skeleton, but rather manipulate it into a position of weakness. This can be done with both hard striking techniques and grapplig techniques, such as throws, joint locks and so forth.

The traditional schools of Koppojutsu offered by the Bujinkan system are Koto Ryu (虎倒流; Knock Down Tiger School) and Gikkan Ryu (義鑑流; Justice and Loyalty School). Her weapon of choice is a black bullwhip.