Bozu is a Shaolin Monk, voiced by David Dayan Fisher.
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Bozu is a bald monk with 9 pale dots inches above his forehead, dressed in a yellowish-beige robe on top of a white one. Under his sleeves he wears another pair of white sleeves wrapped in small, thin brown straps wrapped to look like Exes. Below his robes, he wears matching pants that have long calf-high white tabi which also have small, thin brown straps wrapped to look like Exes on his shins & calves, along with brown kung-fu shoes with black vertical stipes in the middle of the top of the shoes which are white on the bottom.


As a shaolin monk, Bozu is relatively calm, relaxed & usually non-violent during situations. His main hobby is praying to Buddha. Other times, he practices his martial arts style. When he fights, it is only for the sake of self-defense.

Fighting StyleEdit

Shaolin Fighting Style (Shaolin) or Shaolin Kung Fu may refer to many different styles of fighting taught by the Shaolin Monks. The monks used Shaolin to protect their temple from Japanese conquerors.


Shaolin Kung Fu was invented firstly to gain strength, power, and health.

There are many martial arts styles, but none can match the influence of the ancient arts created by a group of monks called the Shaolin.

The shaolin temple was formed in 6th century China, with the name shaolin (meaning young forest) referring to the new trees planted at the temple's inception. A Buddhist monk from India named Bodhidharma (or Ta Mo, in Chinese) entered the temple and found the scholarly monks lacking in physical strength. Ta Mo began to teach the monks moving exercises to build strength and stimulate the flow of chi, or life energy. This served as the basis for the creation of shaolin kung fu.

Shaolin kung fu (少林拳 Shàolín quán) evolved into one of the most dynamic and legendary styles of martial arts in the world, featuring smooth-flowing movements, acrobatics, and a variety of stances. Shaolin monks also studied the motions of animals such as the tiger, crane, and snake, which they incorporated into fighting styles. The art of shaolin consists not only of manipulating limbs and body, but eyes and mind as well.


A Shaolin fighter does not have a weapon of choice since Shaolin Kung Fu uses all kinds of weapons such as staff, nunchaku, broad sword, hook sword, whip, short knives, long knives, battleaxes, double handed axe, one handed axe, tiger swords, three-bodied. staff, etc. Most of these weapons are based on old farming tools. Bozu's choice of weapon, however, is a Khakkhara.