Chreleus art

Chreleus is a gladiator in search of strength great enough to join the gods.


He is the son of Zuse, but he was stolen by Haydese, sent down to earth, & attempted to have his minions, Payne & Panyck, poison him while tricking him to think it was juice. But his thugs merely got him to drink enough to make him a mere mortal child. Seeing him with the demons & their boss, the villagers misunderstood the involvement & thought he was with the demons, so they treated him like an outcast, & were prejudiced against him out of confused fear. This caused him some mental damage, & he had to steal, fight, & loiter to survive. Then one day when he accidentally committed a crime while not aware of the situation, so when they tried to arrest him, send him to jail & execute him, instead he killed the village out of anger & vengeance. Afterwards, he realized his mistake in doing this, so he headed up to Mount Olympus to be a gladiator. He met a Satyr named Philocetes, & he became his personal trainer. He's been trained in the art of Pancratium, & self-defense with the sword.