Daniel Nelson is a dutch ex-soldier, now a renegade & a criminal. He is voiced by Paul St. Peter.

Bio Edit

He was part of the dutch military for quite some time, but they saw nothing in him; this is because he was a beer swilling, fowl mouthed, defiant, blue collared, white-trash, smack-talking redneck. In other words, he disruptively stood out. So, they tried killing him & bringing him back as a Cyborg to teach him a lesson, because they only saw cyborgs as robots. But they made one fatal mistake; they left his vitals (his brain & heart) inside, leaving him as rebellious as ever. So, they simply kicked him out & sent him to jail; only problem is, he's one of those people who are so sneaky they cannot be unattended at any time whatsoever. They thought that simply imprisoning him would be enough, but they forgot to check his pockets. So, he blew up his cell & escaped. Now, Daniel, as crazy as ever, is one of Dutch's most wanted.