Dead men tell no tales is the name of the ship that was pirated, & is captained, by Calico William Bonney.
Dead men tell no Tales

The Ship


Once one of the best in the navy, The Dreadnaught was the good ship used by the Commandante. When Calico William Bonney was death-sentenced after being framed of stealing the town's gold when it all falls out of his clothes after tripping over the rock, he angrilly insults the jugde, the court, & the whole navy what arrested him. Here is how he survived, then escaped; he broke free of the two soldier's hands, punched them both in the nose, stole at least sixteen of the princessa's beads, tore the red curtain, & stole it (which both became his bandana), broke the window with a coffee table, & then jumped out, stole some food from the market, stole the commandante's pistol, cutlass & hatchet, ran off to the docks, stole the the Dreadnaught, & renamed it "Dead men tell no Tales", & then sailed away from spain forever. Ever since, Calico was not welcome in Spain, as there was a wanted poster on the entrance, & he has stopped speaking spanish, & he now speakish eniglish with an austrailian accent, while everyone else in his crew speaks with a Scottish accent. Also, he has been traveling all over the world, to search for shipmates & a crew, & so far, he was quite successful. The crew includes his girlfriend as the prostitute for those who intrude, & his own father as officer (he is in charge of the ship, & gives most of the orders to Calico for his crew, & does the punishment sentencing.) Anyone who intrudes, & attacks the "Calico Corps" are putting their dignity & life at risk. You don't want to mess with these pirates one bit!