Mifune art
Mifune is a masked Samurai from an unknown Clan. He is voiced by Patrick Steitz.
Mifune Portrait


Mifune is a man who wears his red hair in a Chonmage Style, along with a thick moustache. His choice of clothing on his head is a red Kabuto with gold crest, & a white Hannya mask on his head. On his upper body, he wears white Shitagi, worn under a yellowish-green gi, under a red Hitatare. On his shoulders, he wears red sode, while on his arms he wears red kote. On his lower body he wears a hakama the same color as his gi, with purple Uwa obi, over which is his red Kuzazuri along with red Kiahan & greaves, greyish-purple tabi, & beige straw waraji.


has a serious and determined personality, & is sometimes cocky due to the countless victories of battle, being a japanese Ronin.


First, Mifune draws both swords while entering the Indian Stance, and spins towards his opponent. If the low attack hits, he rises from the ground while he is still in the Indian Stance and slams the butt of both of his swords together, creating a blinding light in front of him while an aura forms behind him that forces his opponent to cover their eyes and fall back first into the ground. Then, Mifune slashes his opponent's abdomen, knocking them to the floor, spins around them, pauses, and finally slices their heads off in a traditional samurai execution. Autumn leaves fall down as he wipes his blade with his sleeve. Ultimately, one out of 7 different kanji appears, all of them in a different color theme and sometimes with different sound effects. A Japanese Shakuhachi can be heard throughout the Fatality, along with some drums & vocals. Also, just before he decapitates the opponent's head, he shouts, "Thou shalt more! Begone, scum!"


  • Mifune is the first character to have an announced fatality.
  • Mifune is based on real life swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Unlocking Mifune also simultaneously unlocks the samurai class in Create-a-Fighter mode.