The quest will be one of my video games I will be making sometime in the future.


Countless warriors & martial artists from three realms, Present-day normal earth, Fantasy middle earth (quite possibly the 1500s), & Pandora Nui, which can all be accessible through unknown portals, have been summoned to an unknown fourth realm to take part on a daring raid to kill the creatures of the jungle, & if they succeed, they shall procceed south of the jungle, where there is a five-floored pagoda, said to contain a mysterious treasure worth millions guarded by one martial artist per floor. But others have failed, so it would be a miracle if anyone at all succeeds. In the end, Ling Tong Lung, Wong Chan, Jake Cohen, Bozu, Guan Sou, Calico William Bonney, Clint Anderson & California Smith survive the raid in the jungle, & the pagoda. However, to their surprise, Ling gets exhausted from all the fighting, not unlike everyone else, so, when they leave, they go back to their homes, then go to their own perspective world's hospitals.


Black powder EXTENDED birth by sleep battle of great valor

Black powder EXTENDED birth by sleep battle of great valor

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