Willy Sheldon is an Australian Wrestler based on Nathan Jones.
Willy Sheldon


Willy is a tall, muscle-bound, tattoo ridden skinhead dressed up in the usual stereotype wrestler's outfit-Black everlast m.m.a. gloves, black elbow pads, black trunks, black kneepads, & black tie-up boots up to half of his thighs.


Willy is a crude, easily angered musclehead who wants to be stronger than the rest of the world. Since the loss of his parents, he fought in the streets & alleys for 18 years after the age of ten. One time, when he was 28, he killed someone by accident, so he had to spend time in prison for 12 years. Now that he came out, he lost any care in the world he once had, only hate & rage remained within him. Ever since, he took up Coreeda, & he became a tall, muscle bound, tattoo-wridden Golem of a man. He is currently 35 years old.


*Best Wrestling Themes* Nathan Jones theme-0

*Best Wrestling Themes* Nathan Jones theme-0

Fighting StyleEdit


Although centered mainly in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, new Coreeda clubs have recently been formed in Bourke (Western NSW), Melbourne and on the Gold Coast with other new ones planned for Adelaide, Broome and Canberra.[2] Combining the movements of the traditional kangaroo dance as a warm up ritual, with a style of wrestling that utilizes a yellow 4.5m diameter circle that has black and red borders (similar to the Aboriginal flag), Coreeda is often compared to sports as diverse as Capoeira and Sumo.[3]

Developed since 1998 the sport has slowly grown and the Coreeda Association of Australia is now a member of the UNESCO acknowledged World Martial Arts Union,[4] as such is considered an important part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Australia. Although Coreeda still struggles for recognition within its own country, the plan for the Coreeda Association of Australia is to one day create a "First Nations Coreeda Championship", with teams selected to represent indigenous nations rather than modern Australian regions and to ultimately to build a professional league for the sport called ProCor.

Weapon StyleEdit

Boomerang blade

Personal InformationEdit

  • Date of Birth: March 19, 1969
  • Height: 207 cm.
  • Weight: 158 kg.
  • Relatives: Parents (Deceased)
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Hair color: Blonde (currently none, due to shaving it off)
  • Location of Home: Sydney, Australia
  • Fighting Style: Coreeda